Nathan Foon, New Zealand artist and illustrator

Wednesday, 2 August, 2017

Artwork by Nathan Foon

Nathan Foon is an artist and illustrator who hails from New Zealand.

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David Durcak’s photos of Milford Sound and many other places

Friday, 12 May, 2017

Photo by David Durcak

David Durcak may not be a travel photographer, but he takes photos of the places he visits, so he can remember them. And when you’ve been to as many places as he has, that makes sense.

This is a photo taken at Milford Sound in New Zealand. I’m pleased he made it there. When we tried once, heavy rain had washed away part of the access road. Maybe another time.

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Jordan Debney, Wellington based illustrator, artist, and painter

Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

Artwork by Jordan Debney

Jordan Debney is an illustrator, artist, and painter, based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is also a muralist, and an apparel designer. Be sure to check out more of his psyche-delicious work via his website, or on Instagram.

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John Scott, plumber by trade, photographer by nature

Thursday, 2 February, 2017

Photo by John Scott

John Scott is based in Cambridge, England, and is a professional photographer. No, I have it wrong. John Scott is based in Cambridge, England, and is a professional plumber. After looking at his work, he could easily work in both fields.

The photo here was taken at Hokitika, a town on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

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Peter Thiel’s New Zealand plan to avoid the apocalypse. A good idea?

Thursday, 2 February, 2017

Unless you’ve been holed up in an underground bunker, you’ve probably heard that US entrepreneur Peter Thiel recently purchased land in the South Island of New Zealand, after also becoming a citizen. In anticipation of the apocalypse, we’re told. And it seems he’s not the only tech-billionaire to do something similar either.

The South Pacific nation is deemed the place to be on account of its relative isolation, and stable government. Personally, I think Thiel would have been better off keeping the idea to himself, as he’s probably inspired who knows how many others to head there, at whatever cost, in the event of global calamity. I know I’m going to.

Wes Siler, writing for Outside Online, also takes a dim view of Thiel’s plan, suggesting the one time Facebook angel investor, is more caught up in the hype surrounding the survivalism movement at present, than anything else.

Billionaires live in the same society we do, and are subject to the same cultural influences, and trends the rest of us are. Right now, survival is trendy. Particularly among people who like the idea of doing tough guy stuff, but don’t actually go out and do tough guy things. You get the feeling that doomsday prep is just a fun hobby, or mental puzzle for these dudes – one they’re able to indulge a little more than you or I might be able to. You buy a neon green tomahawk at Walmart just in case the zombies ever rise; Peter Thiel buys a 477-acre farm in New Zealand. Neither one will ever be used for its intended purpose.

And on the subject of the apocalypse, here’s a bonus, five survival tools you should never leave the house without. They’re certainly compact enough to carry around with you.

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Aotearoa, a short film by Ludovic Gibert

Thursday, 2 June, 2016

French filmmaker Ludovic Gibert recently spent three weeks travelling around New Zealand, and the short film, Aotearoa, is result of this trip.

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World maps without New Zealand, is that All Black envy maybe?

Monday, 11 January, 2016

Defunct New Zealand pop band Split Enz described New Zealand, or Aotearoa, being the Maori name for the country’s North Island, before it became more widely associated with the whole country, as a “rugged individual, glisten[ing] like a pearl, at the bottom of the world”, in their 1981 single, Six Months In A Leaky Boat.

Too rugged for some possibly, considering the country often seems to be omitted from maps of the world, or at least the maps featured in the World Maps Without New Zealand Tumblr.

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Will New Zealand soon have a new flag?

Monday, 17 August, 2015

New Zealand new flag proposal by Pax Zwanikken

New Zealanders are currently considering whether or not to change their national flag, and as part of the process, were asked to submit ideas for a new emblem.

Over ten thousand submissions were received – remember that New Zealand has a population of about four and a half million – and now a long list of forty designs has been drawn from these ideas.

From here just four proposals will be chosen to be voted on in referendums planned for later this year, and in 2016.

The design above, by Pax Zwanikken, titled Tukutuku, is one that caught my eye immediately. I don’t envy those tasked with trying to select just four though, given the standard of the submissions.

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Jono Rotman’s photographic portraits of the Mongrel Mob

Thursday, 18 June, 2015

Portrait by Jono Rotman

Not the sort of images you’d see everyday… photographic portraits of members of the Mongrel Mob, a nation wide street gang with chapters across New Zealand, by Wellington based photographer Jono Rotman.

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Mix a beach, a stick, and some imagination, and you have sand art

Thursday, 15 May, 2014

Photo by 3DSD

Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins, and David Rendu, are part of a New Zealand based multicultural art group, who etch three dimensional like drawings into the sands of local beaches. Too bad the works are only ever visible for a matter of hours at a time…

The beach and a stick provide infinite possibilities. Your imagination makes them a reality.

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