Advice from one lifetime to another

Tuesday, 1 September, 2015

WireTap was a Canadian radio show that recently ceased broadcasting, after an eleven year run. As a farewell to audiences, and the world it seems, they produced this video clip, featuring people of all ages, young and old, offering each other a lifetime’s advice.

Don’t listen to anyone’s advice. No body knows what the hell they’re doing.

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Switching off Frequency Modulation, we’ve gone all digital

Monday, 27 April, 2015

I seldom listen to the radio on a radio, I’m streaming it on the same device I’m also writing these words. It suits me… at least I don’t need a radio anymore, but it may not be for everyone.

Unless you live in Norway, that is. In 2017 the Scandinavian nation will close down its FM, or Frequency Modulation radio network, in favour of Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB.

Frequency modulation, or FM, radio was patented in 1933 and has been recording and sharing the human story for nearly a century. But its days are clearly waning. According to a 2012 Pew Study, while over 90% of Americans still listen to AM/FM radio at least weekly, more people are choosing to forgo analog radio for Internet-only services each year.

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Radio, still the most popular place to discover new music

Monday, 19 January, 2015

The best place to discover new music? Music sharing, or download, sites? No, it seems most of us still turn to the radio for this, according to Nielsen data collected in the US, that is.

The data shows that 51 percent of music consumers in the U.S. find new tunes through radio, with 243 million of adults aged 12 and over tuning in every week. The figures have been tweaked slightly, with online radio streams bundled in with traditional car stereos and AM/FM sets, but it still leaves the venerable radio station as the most popular way of finding new music.

I seldom listen to an actual radio, unless I’m driving, but do tune in, for a couple of hours a day at least, to the triple j radio player. The pause button is easily the best feature, now I never miss a minute, though hearing news bulletins, sometimes an hour or more after the event, can be a tad disorientating at times.

A rewind feature here though would be handy… useful for replays of likeable tracks, such as Stockholm based Urban Cone’s Sadness Disease.

Update: and on the subject of triple j, today marks the fortieth anniversary of their first broadcast, on this day in 1975. Congratulations. Here’s to another forty years of fantastic radio.

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It’s forty years since Pink Floyd took us to the dark side of moon

Friday, 30 August, 2013

Darkside is a radio drama written by British playwright Tom Stoppard, to mark the fortieth anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”. When an album spends fourteeen years on the music charts, as was the case in the US, there has to be little doubt that such an occasion is worth commemorating.

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With the time rapidly approaching duo o’clock, here is the news

Thursday, 18 July, 2013

If you’re able to tune into Nuntii Latin (stream it from here), a news broadcast service presented weekly by Yle, Finland’s national radio station, you can listen to the news in Latin.

Si quod supernatat navi…

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You’re listening to the London Underground radio

Thursday, 13 September, 2012

Transistor radio by Yuri Suzuki

This I wouldn’t mind listening to, a fully functioning transistor radio whose circuits are based on the London Underground tube map, by Swedish based sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki.

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Is UVB-76 calling ET, calling Elvis, or someone else all together?

Monday, 10 October, 2011

UVB-76 is the call sign for a short wave radio station located in Russia that has been broadcasting since the early 1980s. Also known as “MDZhB” and “94ZhT”, UVB-76 – whose exact purpose remains a puzzle to all but its operators – is commonly referred to as “The Buzzer”, because it usually only transmits a series of beeps and buzzes.

Adding to its enigma are a series of photos posted on the English Russia blog that were apparently taken at the partially flooded station last year. The plot thickens…

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triple j Unearthed digital radio station launches

Thursday, 6 October, 2011

triple j Unearthed

triple j Unearthed, a digital radio station dedicated exclusively to discovering quality new Australian musical talent, launched yesterday morning.

Unearthed was originally an initiative created by Australian radio station triple j in 1995 to give exposure to emerging, unsigned, bands in regional and rural areas of Australia, but as the popularity of the competition grew, was expanded to include bands based in capital cities.

Lismore band Grinspoon were the first Unearthed winners, and have since been joined by the likes of Killing Heidi, Endorphin, Rhubarb, Missy Higgins, The Bumblebeez, and Shifter among many others.

Listen into triple j Unearthed right now, no matter where you are.

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Humanity’s electronic bubble in the galaxy is positively miniscule

Tuesday, 8 February, 2011

What is the extent of humanity’s electronic bubble – that is, the reach of broadcast radio and TV signals – across space? We already know that signals from the earliest TV broadcasts would be nearing Regulus, a star about 80 light years from Earth by now, but just what is that spread in terms of reach across our home galaxy, the Milky Way?

Adam Grossman estimates this bubble to be about 200 light years across, which is a vast expanse, but as the diagram he also put together shows, this is but a mere speck compared to the galaxy as a whole. Viewing the large version of his image really puts things in perspective.

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So long and thanks for all the sets, Nicole Foote leaves triple j

Monday, 22 March, 2010

The triple j dance music shows The Club, and Mix-Up, are going to be a whole lot different from now on, with the departure of the long time host of both shows, Nicole Foote.

Foote, who has been presenting the shows since 1999, is moving to Darwin where she will continue her radio and DJ-ing work.

Her final Club and Mix-Up shows, which went out last weekend, can be streamed for the next week or so.

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