Ulugbek Doschanov, Moscow based artist

Monday, 10 July, 2017

Artwork by Ulugbek Doschanov

Ulugbek Doschanov is an artist based in Moscow, whose works are no less than mesmerising. This artwork, titled “Love Online”, an ink sketch, is one example of what I’m talking about.

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Revisit the Cold War decades through Soviet Logos

Monday, 13 March, 2017

Image by Rokas Sutkaitis

If you pine for the Cold War decades, and the USSR, or Soviet Union, let Soviet Logos take you on a trip down memory lane, through a growing collection of logos of Soviet era companies and enterprises, curated by Lithuanian brand designer Rokas Sutkaitis.

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Kseniya Dereka, Russian illustrator and animator

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017

Illustration by Kseniya Dereka

Kseniya Dereka is a Moscow based Russian illustrator and animator, who also creates images for children’s books.

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If a Soyuz capsule lands in front of you, follow these instructions

Friday, 4 March, 2016

Well now, this is handy. You’re out wandering around in the local park one afternoon, when suddenly a Russian Soyuz spacecraft lands metres away from you. What should you do?

First up, relax. Next, refer to this set of instructions (PDF) that outlines precisely what action you need to take. Too easy.

And if language is a problem, there’s even a series of hand tap signals to help you communicate with the crew. Sounds like all bases are covered to me.

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The Buran programme, the Soviet space shuttle that didn’t take off

Monday, 15 June, 2015

Photo by Ralph Mirebs

The Soviet Union, and then later the Russian Federation, aspired to a space shuttle programme, but only one craft, of a number that were built, ever went into Earth orbit, in 1988, an un-crewed flight at that. The Buran programme, as it was known, was eventually suspended in 1993.

While some of the vessels, or what was constructed of them, before the programme was terminated, can be found in various locations in Russia, this collection of photos by Ralph Mirebs, is about all that now remains of the Buran programme.

It’s unfortunate that more didn’t come of the project, considering the resources that had been expended into it.

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Far from the madding crowd, family hides in Siberia for 40 years

Tuesday, 5 February, 2013

A Russian family of five had been living in complete isolation in Siberia for some forty years, before they were found by a team of geologists in 1978, who were working in a remote region of what is now the Russian Federation.

That was in 1936, and there were only four Lykovs then – Karp; his wife, Akulina; a son named Savin, 9 years old, and Natalia, a daughter who was only 2. Taking their possessions and some seeds, they had retreated ever deeper into the taiga, building themselves a succession of crude dwelling places, until at last they had fetched up in this desolate spot. Two more children had been born in the wild – Dmitry in 1940 and Agafia in 1943 – and neither of the youngest Lykov children had ever seen a human being who was not a member of their family. All that Agafia and Dmitry knew of the outside world they learned entirely from their parents’ stories. The family’s principal entertainment, the Russian journalist Vasily Peskov noted, “was for everyone to recount their dreams.”

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The way it was, the Russian Empire in colour photos

Monday, 4 February, 2013

Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii spent three years from 1909 travelling across the then Russian Empire taking thousands of photos… there’s only a dozen images in this particular collection but they capture an incredibly diverse range of subjects.

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In Russia cockroaches are considered to be endangered

Thursday, 16 August, 2012

It’s an older article so possibly things have changed, but cockroaches appear to be disappearing from parts of Russia at an apparently alarming rate.

No one is, or was, exactly sure what’s causing cockroach numbers to decline, but some people have gone as far to suggest that “disturbances” in the ozone layer, or a rise in mobile phone use, and presumably the associated increase in electromagnetic radiation, may be to blame.

However, the scientists warn: cockroaches are needed back, otherwise the food chain will be disturbed and there will be nobody to consume people’s wastes. So the members of the Ilmen sanctuary proposed to take them into Red Book.

The Red Book, by the way, is a Russian record of threatened plant, animal, and insect species. Whoever thought though that cockroaches, creatures that many of us would be delighted to see the last of, would ever be considered endangered?

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Is UVB-76 calling ET, calling Elvis, or someone else all together?

Monday, 10 October, 2011

UVB-76 is the call sign for a short wave radio station located in Russia that has been broadcasting since the early 1980s. Also known as “MDZhB” and “94ZhT”, UVB-76 – whose exact purpose remains a puzzle to all but its operators – is commonly referred to as “The Buzzer”, because it usually only transmits a series of beeps and buzzes.

Adding to its enigma are a series of photos posted on the English Russia blog that were apparently taken at the partially flooded station last year. The plot thickens…

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Watching paint dry is actually enjoyable on time-lapse videos

Monday, 10 October, 2011

“Pipe Paint”, by Sasha Aleksandrov, a Russian photographer and time-lapse video producer, is a painstakingly made depiction of an old factory complex being repainted.

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