Public health warning: alarm clocks cause sleep deprivation

Friday, 11 June, 2010

Food for thought: in the interests of countering sleep deprivation, it is suggested that we do away with our alarm clocks.

The art of time-management makes it possible to live at a high speed with an alarm clock at your side, and still be free from stress. However, the societal damage inflicted by alarm clocks used to regulate sleep is unforgivable. An alarm clock that interrupts your sleep damages your memories, your ability to learn, your mood and temper, your relationships with other people, your ability to focus and your overall intellectual performance!

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A list of questions to ask your partner before you get married

Thursday, 8 October, 2009

I’d have thought being on the same page in terms of having children, outlook, and whether it will be necessary to agree to disagree over personal values would take precedence – by a considerable margin – over the location of TVs at home, but the question is up there with the best of them:

Will there be a television in the bedroom?

If commonsense prevails however there will not be TVs in any bedroom as they are not conducive to good sleep hygiene.

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