Green soldier figurines in yoga poses, at Arizona’s Energy Vortexes

Friday, 2 September, 2016

Yoga Joes, photo by Dan Abramson

San Francisco-based artist and toy-maker, Dan Abramson has been making yoga practising green soldier figurines, called Yoga Joes, since 2014. He has recently expanded the range of poses performed by these little green troops, and to mark the occasion, took to the Energy Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, to photograph them.

Nice work, if you can get it, as the photos demonstrate.

I did have a point I wanted to make when I started writing this post, but kind of lost sight of it. If you want the perfect job, you have to create it. Maybe it was something along those lines?

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A train that runs on an infinite loop?

Wednesday, 26 August, 2015

Quite the feat of small scale engineering here, a spiralling track loop for a model train, that precisely accommodates every locomotive and carriage running on it… so where does the train begin, and where does it end?

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Building your very own train or tube line

Monday, 8 December, 2014

This looks like fun, and just in time for the upcoming holidays… a simple, very simple, electric… mock train set up. An underground train, such as London’s tube, perhaps?

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Imagination is more important than following instructions

Thursday, 4 December, 2014

Lego instructions

Give the kids LEGO blocks and then leave them to build whatever they want… this was the advice that the toy building brick maker was issuing to parents in the 1970s. If they did stop doing so, perhaps they ought to resume?

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You can huff, you can puff, but you won’t blow down the pillow fort

Thursday, 20 November, 2014

There are pillow forts, and there are pillow forts. When it comes to building the best such structures, you couldn’t go wrong by consulting an architect

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Teddy turns inside out to the dark side

Thursday, 13 November, 2014

Photo by Kent Rogowski

Quite possibly not suitable for those aged under five… Brooklyn based photographer Kent Rogowski’s collection of soft toys turned inside out. They look to be lonely, rather than especially menacing, to me though.

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Photos of a hospital, a doll’s hospital

Thursday, 4 September, 2014

I didn’t know Sydney had such a facility, a doll hospital that is, but go to Bexley, in the city’s south, there you’ll find it. If travelling to Bexley, or Sydney for that matter, is not an option though, check out this In Focus photo collection instead.

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These toys appear to be perfect working order, or so say their x-rays

Friday, 25 July, 2014

Sydney based photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick casts toys in a new light through his collection of x-ray images of mechanical and motorised playthings.

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Inanimate objects have feelings also, so say some animate entities

Monday, 3 March, 2014

If I don’t try to keep half on eye on what’s happening at Reddit I worry I may be missing out on something… like this for instance, a thread discussing the feelings some people have for inanimate objects:

I used to work at a toy store and if anyone ever bought a stuffed animal I would leave its head sticking out of the bag… so it could breathe.

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Popular toys from the last 145 years, photographed

Thursday, 17 October, 2013

Yo-yo, photo by Sharon Drummond

British photographer Andy Brown recently put together a photo collection of the most popular toys of the last 145 years, that now adorn the walls of Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital accident and emergency room.

(Photo by Sharon Drummond)

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