Signs of the times to come

Friday, 30 May, 2014

Driverless car lane

Signs or notices advising us that over-sharing presents a risk, that certain vehicles are driverless, and that drones are in the vicinity, may become prevalent sooner then we imagine

Via MetaFilter.

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If “Star Wars” had been made by Quentin Tarantino

Thursday, 22 May, 2014

I can’t say I have a problem with the first three “Star Wars” films, as in episodes four, five, and six, but who knows, they might have been something else again had Quentin Tarantino helmed them, at least if this imagined trailer for “A New Hope” is anything to go by.

Maybe Tarantino could turn his talents to the prequel film series though, perhaps in the same way that US actor Topher Grace, who condensed episodes one through three into a single, 83 minute feature, did.

I get the feeling I ought to duck for cover now…

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Photos of the bizarre and the illegal by Olivia Locher

Tuesday, 20 May, 2014

Photo by Olivia Locher

We’ve probably all heard of a place where a seemingly bizarre law exists, something like “it is illegal to play a guitar after sunset on the day of a Blue Moon”, or some such. You’ll probably then never have had the chance to see these transgressions happening, because, you know, such activity is illegal.

New York City based photographer Olivia Locher is changing that though, and possibly putting her neck on the line at the same time, through her photo collection I Fought The Law, where she depicts such misdemeanours taking place.

You do have to wonder why some these of laws were ever enacted in the first instance though.

Via Visual News.

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Just another brick in the wall, the life cycle of a song

Tuesday, 22 April, 2014

The average pop song goes through no fewer than fourteen phases from conception, right on through to the time it somehow ends up a karaoke favourite.

Shamelessness Phase: Take the album out again for a good listen, wonder why you don’t listen to it more often. You relive old memories of five years ago. When the album is over, you file the CD back into the closet and don’t touch it again for years, maybe a decade.

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Yo Leonardo, how many IG likes did the “Mona Lisa” collect?

Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

Remix by Nastya Ptichek

Ukrainian designer and artist Nastya Ptichek superimposes Facebook and Instagram “like” symbols, or familiar computer error warnings, over well known works of art.

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The secret life, and work, of a dictionary’s lexicographer

Friday, 4 April, 2014

Working as a lexicographer might seem like the ideal role for a wordsmith, or writer. Make no mistake, it’s not an easy task, but the work has an aspect to it that I hadn’t quite anticipated

Most of the time, the definition is pretty easy to deduce from the context, but sometimes it’s not. The hardest words to define are the smallest: “but,” “as,” “be,” “go,” “run” – words like that. You can spend months on one of those words, and you get so deep into in that you begin to look a little Uncanny Valleyish by the end of it: real people encounter you, and while you can have a conversation, they are put off by your empty, dead eyes which only stare inward at the diminishing point that was once your humanity.

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I can’t wait to see what Superman sees when he looks at the world

Tuesday, 25 March, 2014

I don’t think the Superman films have, so far anyway, quite shown us the man of steel’s perspective while he is flying.

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Maybe I invented Bitcoin… here’s how to find out

Monday, 17 March, 2014

Maybe the Bitcoin inventor has been unmasked, maybe not. It could well be anyone though. Maybe even you. That’s right, you. If you’re (somehow) uncertain as to whether or not you are the Bitcoin creator, you could try taking this quiz to find out for sure.

You never know, we may meet in the media scrum that ends up forming outside your home…

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I was a 1990s web designer, I have the tags to prove it

Wednesday, 5 March, 2014

Blink tags, spacer GIFs, and DHTML… if those terms make sense then chances are you were web designing in the 1990s, and possibly, therefore, deserved the rock-star status the job title way of life conferred upon you.

You were a web developer in the 1990s. With that status, you knew you were hot shit. And you brought with you a score of the most fearsome technological innovations, the likes of which we haven’t come close to replicating ever since.

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Have time travel machine console, yet I’m still stuck in the present

Monday, 3 March, 2014

time machine console

You may not get too far, but there might be a little fun, at least, to be had from setting dates in the future, and I guess, the past, to travel to, using this virtual replica of the time machine console, as seen in the “Back to the Future” movies.

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