The Rescued Film Project, recovering photos once lost in time

Monday, 26 January, 2015

In earlier days I used to take photos on film. As opposed to digitally, in case, somehow, you weren’t aware there was once another way to do so. You’d buy a roll of film that usually permitted to you shoot thirty-six photos, though if your camera film winding skills were top-notch, you might’ve been able to squeeze in one or two more.

There have been occasions when I’ve used a full roll of film, and then somehow misplaced said roll. Never to be seen again. Or so I’ve always thought. I’ve often wondered though what might happen if someone, years later, chanced upon one of these lost film rolls, and went ahead and had it developed.

I’ve taken my share of goofy party type pictures in my time, plus any number of plain bad photos. What if some of these long forgotten images ever surfaced, and were put on show for all to see? I like to believe that camera film deteriorates over a relatively short period of time, but that isn’t always the case.

Here then is the story of some rolls of film dating back to the World War II, that were recently found, and developed, through the efforts of the Rescued Film Project. The photographer in question need not have any of the qualms I would though, these photos are incredible.

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Andromeda, our clearest view to date

Friday, 23 January, 2015

Andromeda galaxy section, by NASA, Hubble

A copy, assembled from photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, of the sharpest large composite image of a section of the Andromeda galaxy. Enjoy the view while you can, eventually, as in four billion years time, Andromeda will merge with our galaxy, the Milky Way.

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Learning how to load the dishwasher, many illustrated guides

Monday, 19 January, 2015

Back in the day I used to read the writing of Toronto based Web accessibility consultant Joe Clark whenever he posted something. Pertinent reading for a web designer it was. Times have changed, and like myself, Joe has moved onto other things.

His latest project has involved collecting as many instruction manuals for dishwashers as he could find, and posting scans or screen-grabs of them on Flickr. It’s a good thing too, because up until now I’ve no idea how to properly load a dishwasher, nor had I really tried to find out either.

Via MetaFilter.

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It’s probably very cold in Oymyakon… even during the summer

Friday, 16 January, 2015

Oymyakon, located in the Sakha Republic, within the Russian Federation, is said to be one of the coldest places, if not the coldest place, on Earth. Given the average temperature in January is a cool minus fifty degrees Celsius, you won’t find me disputing that claim.

While this collection of photos offers an insight into life in the remote village, one can only imagine what living there all the time must be like, where the ground remains frozen all year around, and cars either need to be parked in heated garages, or left with their engines running overnight, so they can be used the next day.

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If you could X-ray the Sun, what would you see?

Thursday, 15 January, 2015

Photo by NuSTAR

If you took an x-ray photo of the Sun, what might you see? The above image, taken by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), is actually taken in “high-energy x-rays”, so not the sort of x-ray picture we might usually be familair with, but impressive nonetheless.

See a super-sized version here.

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London’s cereal cafe, where breakfast cereal is served all day

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015

Photo by Cereal Killer Cafe

Located a mere fraction outside of the City of London, at 139 Brick Lane, the Cereal Killer Cafe is a dining establishment that only serves breakfast cereal. The only such place in the UK apparently. How about the world?

Check out their Instagram page for more photos

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This is the captain speaking, is an Instagram photographer aboard?

Friday, 19 December, 2014

In NSW, and I dare say in many other places, motorists are not permitted to handle their mobile phones whatsoever while they are driving. They are however able to pass their device to a passenger, but that’s about all. Needless to say taking Instagram photos is clearly out of the question.

Airline pilots appear to be bound by similar regulations, though as this collection of images goes to show, they don’t always seem to adhere to them, unless of course another crew member, someone who is non flight deck personnel, is actually taking the photos.

Perhaps airlines could consider assigning someone the role of flight photographer… many of these pictures, by sheer virtue of the circumstances in which they are taken, are stunning.

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The feed lots of Texas, but what’s with the colours?

Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

Artwork by Mishka Henner

Feedlots is an intriguing collection of works by Manchester based artist Mishka Henner, assembled from satellite photos of cattle feed yards, being the places where livestock are sent prior to slaughter. What to make of those coloured, would they be liquids, accumulating at the lower right hand corner of the image then?

Via Kottke.

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The hyper-real photography of Petrina Hicks

Friday, 12 December, 2014

Photography by Petrina Hicks

Check out the hyper-real, uncanny-valley-like, photography of Sydney based artist Petrina Hicks.

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Turn your DSLR to the night sky in the hunt for exoplanets

Thursday, 11 December, 2014

Rather than, say, annoy those you’re dining with, by taking photos of every dish to be served at the restaurant you plan on eating at tonight, why not put your DSLR camera to better use? Better use as in deploying it to search the night sky for exoplanets.

Sure, there are a few hoops to jump through, mainly in building a tracker, but discovering a planet beyond the solar system might rate as quite an achievement.

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