Cameron Trudgian, Australian travel and landscape photographer

Friday, 24 March, 2017

Photo by Cameron Trudgian

Cameron Trudgian is a Brisbane, Australia, based travel, lifestyle, and landscape photographer. He says his next stop is to be Tasmania, but some of his recent photos are taken in Scotland. Such is the life and work of a travel photographer?

I had a little trouble selecting one of his photos to feature here, but this wedding shot, stood out. Taken on what was clearly an overcast, damp day, the joyful mood of the occasion nonetheless shines through.

And here be a lesson in why choosing the right photographer for a wedding is vital, they can make the day look amazing, even if the weather refuses to cooperate.

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Sotiris Tsakanikas, Athens based portrait and wedding photographer

Thursday, 23 March, 2017

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

Sotiris Tsakanikas is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Athens, Greece. His work also gives him the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of his native Greece, such as this image at Hydra, and other places around the world.

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Weronika Izdebska, Polish photographer and filmmaker

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Photography by Weronika Izdebska

Weronika Izdebska is a photographer and filmmaker based in Lodz, Poland. Her photography has featured on album covers, and she also produces music videos. But aren’t these photos, this one above as a case in point, stunning?

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The life of the late Jamie Livingston in daily polaroid photos

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Jamie Livingston was a New York based photographer and filmmaker, who died in 1997. During the last eighteen years of his life though, he a took a photo daily, with a polaroid camera.

Needless to say, these images record various ups and downs, including his wedding, and later, treatment for the brain tumour that eventually ended his life.

What’s also poignant are the stories people viewing his photos tell, with many making the comment a particular photo was taken on the day they, or a loved one, was born.

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Aurélien Villette, Paris based architecture photographer

Wednesday, 15 March, 2017

Photography by Aurelien Villette

Ah, the abandoned places the work of Paris based architecture photographer Aurélien Villette takes him. This photo looks like a scene from a Star Wars film, but is in fact a disused power station, the Kraftwerk V I believe, in Germany.

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What to do about photos banned on Instagram? Put them in a book

Monday, 13 March, 2017

In years gone by we used to place our photos, taken with film, into book like folders called albums. Now our photos, in digital format, are stored on photo sharing services, and social networks, such as Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram.

But what happens if the powers that be dislike, for whatever reason, some of our pictures, and delete them? How do we preserve these images, and memories, in these situations?

US digital artist Molly Soda, who has had numerous of her photos removed, as they’ve been deemed somehow inappropriate, has written a book, Pics or It Didn’t Happen, on the subject, and offers another method of retaining your photos.

A selection of these deleted photos can be seen here. Note: NSFW.

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Apollo astronauts were fantastic photographers, here’s the proof

Friday, 10 March, 2017

Photo by John Young, Apollo 16

Apollo astronauts weren’t just heroes, they were fantastic photographers. So believes Dutch designer Simon Phillipson, and that’s not something I’m going to argue with.

To make his point, Phillipson has collected two hundred and twenty five photos, taken by thirty three NASA astronauts, during the Apollo Moon flights, and published them in a book, Apollo VII – XVII, that he wrote with Floris Heyne, Joel Meter, and Delano Steenmeijer.

See a selection of photos from the book here.

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Jack Toohey, Sydney based photographer and filmmaker

Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

Photo by Jack Toohey

It’s been a while since I last looked in on the work of Sydney based photographer and filmmaker Jack Toohey. Well over six years, as it happens. These days he can also be found on Instagram, where the above photo comes from.

It was taken at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and features Australian musician Vera Blue. I linked to her single Settle about a year ago. Incredible how everything is all interlinked, isn’t it?

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Swirling roses, and liquid flowers, the photography of Mark Mawson

Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

Photo by Mark Mawson

London based photographer Mark Mawson specialises in working with liquids, and underwater. This image comes from a series of works titled Aqueous Roses, where colourful dyes are added to water, and stirred around.

With the right light settings, and by taking photos at a precise instant, Mawson captures what appear to flower like objects. Aren’t the results beautiful, though? See more of his work here.

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Millie Knight, British photographer and alpine ski racer

Monday, 6 March, 2017

Photo by Millie Knight

Millie Knight is a visually impaired British photographer who does some amazing work behind the camera. I was particularly drawn to this photo, taken at Moorgate, I think, a station on the London Underground rail network.

Photography isn’t her only talent though, in looking through her work, I also learnt she is a gold medal winning paralympic alpine ski racer. How’s that for a combination of skills?

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