The camera never lies, this is what agency life is really like

Friday, 27 June, 2014

Photo by Derrick Lin

Ohio based brand strategist Derrick Lin’s camera seems to capture moments the eye misses… I somehow get the feeling that you’d see – were it possible of course – scenes such as these in many workplaces though, not just a digital agency.

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The best images from the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards

Friday, 20 June, 2014

Photo by Erika Brothers

The images rendered by smartphone cameras, in this case, iPhones, are right up there with the best of them, as the winning entries in this year’s iPhone Photography Awards can attest to.

(Above photo by Erika Brothers)

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Abandoned places, as photographed by Joe Reifer

Thursday, 19 June, 2014

Photo by Joe Reifer

Joe Reifer, a San Francisco based night photographer, also has a liking for abandoned places… his intriguing, yet mildly foreboding, portfolio includes motels, ski fields, farms, scrap metal yards, military bases, and of course ghost towns.

Via Hypnophant.

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The patterns of planet Earth

Wednesday, 18 June, 2014

Photo via Google Maps

Whereas Lauren O’Neill looks through Google Earth images seeking aerial views of airports, Lauren Manning goes in search of “spectacular satellite images” of the planet, on Google Maps.

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Are the 17th century paintings of Johannes Vermeer photos?

Tuesday, 17 June, 2014

The work of seventeenth century painter Johannes Vermeer has intrigued Texas-based inventor Tim Jenison, who thinks the Dutch artist may have used a device such as the camera obscura, in the course of his work, so photo-like are some of his paintings:

The way Vermeer painted this wall is consistent with a photograph. It is not consistent with human vision. If you were standing in the room that Vermeer painted, you would see that wall as a pretty even shade of off-white. The retina in your eyeball does some image processing to minimize the effect of light and shadow. To your eye, the wall appears to have far less contrast than it actually has. And if you can’t see it, you can’t paint it. But Vermeer, unlike other painters, painted his walls the way a photographic camera would record it.

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One hundred year old photos of Antarctica’s Ross Sea Party

Friday, 13 June, 2014

Photo by Arnold Spencer-Smith?

Last year a box of photographic negatives, that were almost one hundred years old, was found in a room at Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition base at Cape Evans, Antarctica.

Rather than Scott’s team though, the images depict members of Ernest Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, who were tasked with laying supply depots across the Great Ice Barrier, ahead of the Irish born polar explorer’s 1914 to 1917 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

Thought to have been taken by Arnold Spencer-Smith, who served as the advance group’s photographer, the photos have now been intricately restored, and can be viewed at the Antarctic Heritage Trust website.

Via Imaging Resource.

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The food stylings of the Wu-Tang Clan

Monday, 9 June, 2014

Wu-Tang sticky rice, photo by Tisha Cherry

The music of our favourite bands or recording artists likely inspires us in all sorts of ways, and food preparation is no exception, at least as far as fans of US hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan are concerned.

Be it cupcakes, pizzas, tortillas, biscuits, steaks, or rice, foodies don’t seem to be short of ideas when it comes to incorporating a reference to the group into their cooking.

(Photo by Tisha Cherry)

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Selected National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest images

Thursday, 5 June, 2014

This year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is in full swing – entries close at the end of June – and it looks like the competition will result in some amazing work overall, going by the editor’s top photo picks from week nine.

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Photos of the combat aircraft of World War I

Monday, 2 June, 2014

German aircraft over Giza pyramids

World War I in Photos: Aerial Warfare, an In Focus photo collection. The Great War, or World War I, was the first major conflict to see the use of aircraft, yet it seems hard to believe that they were, initially at least, used for only reconnaissance purposes, rather than combat.

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A little altitude is required to appreciate airports as works of art

Friday, 30 May, 2014

I used to fly aircraft, in my academy days so to speak, and can appreciate a certain artistic merit in the design of airports and, in particular, runways, but often times their aesthetic qualities can only be perceived at altitude.

These are some of the sentiments that inspired New York City based art director and graphic designer Lauren O’Neill’s Holding Pattern project, a collection of satellite images, gleaned from Google Earth, of airports and their runways, from across the globe.

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