Mark Elzey, portrait photographer, artist, and maths aficionado

Tuesday, 6 June, 2017

Photo by Mark Elzey

Portrait photographer Mark Elzey regards mathematics as an important component of art. That’s not something I hear artists say too often, but when your work is inspired by the likes of Dutch graphic artist, M. C. Escher, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo Da Vinci, I see the logic in the notion.

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Davide Trevisan, Milan based graphic designer and photographer

Friday, 2 June, 2017

Photo by Davide Trevisan

Davide Trevisan is a graphic designer and photographer based in Milan, Italy, who, in my opinion, has a good eye for a photo.

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Jamie Isaac, Maryland based artist, photographer, and jewellery designer

Monday, 29 May, 2017

Artwork by Jamie Isaac

Do you like lashings of bright colours in your artworks? If so, you need to check out the work of Jamie “Jaine Was Here” Isaac, a Maryland based artist, who is also a photographer, and jewellery designer, among other things.

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Louis Villers, Paris based photojournalist

Monday, 22 May, 2017

Photo by Louis Villers

Louis Villers is a Paris based reporter for CANAL+, a French cable television channel. His work affords him the opportunity to take some great photos, including this one taken the Hakone Shrine, in Japan.

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Kira Burrows, Townsville, Queensland, based artist and photographer

Friday, 19 May, 2017

Artwork by Kira Burrows

Kira Burrows is a contemporary artist and photographer, based in the Queensland city of Townsville. If you’re a fan of watercolour artworks, then you are going to like her work.

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Mariah Paz, San Francisco based lifestyle and music photographer

Tuesday, 16 May, 2017

Photo by Mariah Paz

Mariah Paz is a San Francisco based lifestyle and music photographer, who spends a lot of time taking photos at live performances.

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David Durcak’s photos of Milford Sound and many other places

Friday, 12 May, 2017

Photo by David Durcak

David Durcak may not be a travel photographer, but he takes photos of the places he visits, so he can remember them. And when you’ve been to as many places as he has, that makes sense.

This is a photo taken at Milford Sound in New Zealand. I’m pleased he made it there. When we tried once, heavy rain had washed away part of the access road. Maybe another time.

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Luiza Lukasik, Polish high school student, and aspiring photographer

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017

Photo by Luiza Lukasik

Luiza Lukasik is a Polish high school student, but has a great future as a professional photographer if her work so far is anything to go by.

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Gabriel Suchowolsk, illustrator and photographer based in Spain

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017

Illustration by Gabriel Suchowolsk/Microbians

Gabriel Suchowolsk is an illustrator, and photographer, based in Spain, where he works as a creative director at Domestika, a community for creatives.

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Julia Drummond, New York, based portrait and music photographer

Thursday, 4 May, 2017

Photo by Julia Drummond

Julia Drummond is a Brooklyn, New York, based portrait and music photographer. Here’s a photo of New Zealand musician Kimbra performing at New York’s Nublu jazz club.

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