So, which is better, Star Trek, or Star Wars?

Wednesday, 20 May, 2015

The truth is they’re both pretty lousy, but together they’re better than all the others… with apologies to Keith Richards. Presenting The Carbonite Maneuver, a fan made trailer that blends elements of both realms. Non-canonical, obviously.

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The destruction of a LEGO model of a Star Wars command ship

Friday, 15 May, 2015

The battle scenes from The Return of the Jedi, both on the forest moon of Endor, and in the space overhead, were a tad over the top in my opinion, even for a science fiction story.

A legion of trained, and heavily armed, Stormtroopers brought down by… teddy bear like creatures? The Imperial fleet put to the sword by a rag tag collection of rebel ships? Still it was good to see the good guys prevail, even if they weren’t really all that well organised.

The scene where Darth Vader’s super massive command ship was (somehow) taken out, is one of more memorable for me, surely it alone would have destroyed the Death Star as it sliced through it, but never mind.

Here though is the command ship, built with many, many, LEGO bricks, meeting its demise in slow motion… try telling me a blow like that would have been water off a duck’s back, as it were, for the Death Star…

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Don’t wait to buy new Star Wars BB-8 action figure, make one now

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015

The world’s favourite droid, R2D2, of “Star Wars” fame, may find himself competing for the attention of film-goers, with the arrival of BB-8, a roller ball droid, who makes an entrance to the sci-fi saga in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this December.

I get the feeling BB-8 is going to prove quite popular, so fans will be happy to know they could build their own version of the droid with a Sphero and some magnets, as Christian Poulsen has.

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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, the second teaser/trailer

Monday, 20 April, 2015

Behold, the second teaser for the new “Star Wars” film, The Force Awakens. I’d say it’s aimed more at fans of the original movies, with its nostalgic overtones, the Mark Hamill voice over, and a brief appearance by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Feel like weighing into the discussion as to what Luke Skywalker means when he says his father has the force, rather than had it? Hmm.

I suspect the arrival of the first trailer, as opposed to the two teasers we’ve seen so far, is going to be quite the event, whenever that happens.

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A list of the best books of the twentieth century

Monday, 30 March, 2015

This has to be helpful for someone, a list of fiction and non-fiction best selling books for each year of the entire twentieth century, together with titles that were either critically acclaimed or historically significant.

The novelisation of The Phantom Menace, being episode one of the “Star Wars” film saga, comes in at number four on the fiction best selling list for 1999. Could that be down to “Star Wars” fans who were trying to find a little more… meaning to the film?

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30 Ari, a star system twice as good as Tatooine’s binary star

Thursday, 12 March, 2015

I always thought Tatooine, being Luke Skywalker’s home planet, from the “Star Wars” sci-fi saga, was pretty cool, for being in orbit around a binary star, but 30 Ari, or 30 Arietis, goes two better than that… it is a quadruple star, made up, that’s right, of four stars, and better still, is located just 136 light years from Earth.

30 Ari however has made the news recently following the discovery of an exoplanet within the system, a gaseous body with ten times the mass of Jupiter.

The whole 4-star family is collectively known as 30 Ari, located some 136 light-years from Earth – in our interstellar backyard. The exoplanet orbits the primary star of the system once every 335 days. The primary star has a new-found binary partner (which the exoplanet does not orbit) and this pair are locked in an orbital dance with a secondary binary, separated by a distance of 1,670 astronomical unit (AU), where 1 AU is the average distance between the Earth and sun.

Obviously we wouldn’t be able to settle on this particular planet, but possibly it hosts a habitable forest moon, that a colony could be established on?

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The matte artworks of the original “Star Wars” films

Friday, 6 February, 2015

Matte painting by Frank Ordaz

Before filmmakers were able to rely on CGI to create backdrops for some of the scenes they needed, artists used to paint matte pictures of the required vistas. Such works were used extensively throughout the original “Star Wars” trilogy of films for instance, and a collection of these images is featured here.

I knew some of the backdrops in these movies, such as this one by Frank Ordaz, were paintings, but didn’t realise just how many there actually were.

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This ship did the Kessel run in under twelve revolutions per minute

Thursday, 29 January, 2015

Photo by Marco Garza

Fantastic… a record player, turntable, fashioned from a model/toy of the Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars”. I’ve no doubt the popularity of records would skyrocket if there were more playing devices like this.

(Photo by Marco Garza)

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Traffic is delayed on the freeway on account of a TIE fighter crash

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015

I guess if you were resident of the “Star Wars” Galactic Empire, or, as it may be now, the New Republic, the sight of TIE Fighters that have come to grief might just be a common sight.

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The Force Awakens, to tease us…

Monday, 1 December, 2014

Here it is, the big one, we’ve been waiting thirty years to find out what happened after events of Return of the Jedi, and now finally, the first official glimpse… the long awaited teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Have you figured out the storyline yet, then?

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