The real hero of the Back to the Future films? The DeLorean of course

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017

Because I love my Back to the Future theories and ideas. US entertainment and culture magazine UPROXX contends that the DeLorean, the time machine itself, is the main hero of the trilogy.

This is mainly on account of the occasions it breaks down, or more to point, the times it “chooses” to not work, or even go to unplanned destinations.

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Tiny sure, but the world’s smallest coffee will still lift your spirits

Monday, 24 April, 2017

Being a Monday morning, you might be desirous of a little more caffeine than is on offer here, but watching what is possibly the world’s smallest cup of coffee being prepared, should nonetheless lift your spirits.

Nice work by Helsinki based designer and animator Lucas Zanotto.

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Applying some Samurai film styling to the Star Wars saga

Friday, 21 April, 2017

The Star Wars saga reimagined as an old school Samurai film, by Portland Penrose.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

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Advice for young, or emerging artists, from established artists

Thursday, 20 April, 2017

Further to my earlier piece.

An animation by Jerusalem based illustrator and designer, Daniella Shuhman.

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Ikea Heights, a melodrama made inside an IKEA store

Wednesday, 19 April, 2017

Ikea Heights was a melodrama web series made in 2009. As the name suggests, the show – which is reminiscent of something like Melrose Place – played out in an Ikea store.

While each episode is only minutes long, and the series was short lived, Ikea Heights was notable for the clandestine way it was filmed. During normal trading hours, and without the knowledge of customers, or the store’s management.

Seemingly IKEA don’t mind people filming things like this in their stores, so long as they know about it beforehand.

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The night sky in five million years, wait around, see if it isn’t so…

Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

Do you enjoy watching paint dry?

If so, you’re going to love this animation, depicting the movements of stars in the night sky, or our view of the Milk Way, over the next five million years. Except, it’s not like watching paint dry, with five million years uncoiling over about four minutes, it is quite absorbing.

Unlike several thousand years, five million years is a little more than a blip in terms of cosmic timescales, and it’s interesting to see how the appearance of the Milky Way, or what we can see of it, alters significantly.

I wonder if there’ll be people around in five million years to see how things actually turn out?

Via Bad Astronomy.

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Before 8, a look at the past Fast & Furious films

Wednesday, 12 April, 2017

The Fate of the Furious, or Fast & Furious 8, opens in Australian cinemas today. It took me a while to get into the franchise, fast car films aren’t usually my thing, but it has an appeal. Maybe the same sort of appeal that the James Bond films used to have.

To mark this day then, a retrospective, or review, of the Fast & Furious movies to date, put together by the people at Burger Fiction.

And on that note, I’m outta here for the next few days, being (almost) the long Easter weekend. Back next week.

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I Am Heath Ledger, a documentary by Adrian Buitenhuis, Derik Murray

Friday, 7 April, 2017

The life and work of late Australian actor and director Heath Ledger, titled I Am Heath Ledger, is the subject of a new documentary directed by Adrian Buitenhuis, and Derik Murray.

I’m not sure if a theatrical release is being planned, but the documentary will premiere on 17 May 2017, on US cable and satellite channel, Spike.

Here’s the trailer. One to look out for if you ask me.

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Who is up for a final spin on Cassini before it crashes into Saturn?

Friday, 7 April, 2017

In a few weeks, the Cassini space probe, which has spent almost thirteen years studying Saturn, with its fuel supplies now exhausted, will set itself on a collision course with the ringed planet.

Before diving into Saturn’s atmosphere, and disintegrating in the process, Cassini is scheduled to make twenty-two plunges into the region between the planet and its rings, an area that has been little explored to date.

I wouldn’t mind being on board for one or two of those passes, though obviously not the final one. Much as I like Saturn, I have no desire to become part of it.

And in honour of its work, a selection of Cassini’s best Saturn photos, compiled by Gizmodo.

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A summertime road trip from Melbourne to Perth

Thursday, 6 April, 2017

This is will do little for anyone grappling with wanderlust. Footage, by British filmmaker Ben Walton, of a summertime drive between Melbourne and Perth.

I hear the call of the open road. How about you?

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